Welcome to SKILLdoctors

Coming soon and prescribing the training employers have asked for:

SKILLdoctors under construction

In consultation with you, we will:

  • Diagnose (Training Needs Analysis)
  • Prescribe
  • Treat

Brokering training that will be:

  • Quick (as short as one hour)
  • Focused (increasing the real skills your workforce needs and wants)
  • Gap-filling (complementing in-house and other provision)
  • Cost and time effective (no waste on broad brush subject coverage)
  • Practical (minimum academic content, unless intrinsic)
  • At your premises (unless you prefer alternative)
  • Provided by (carefully selected and strictly briefed) experts in the field 



  • SKILLdoctors will be seeking crowd funding for both its proposed brokering services and its proposed online skills passport (alternative assessment) facility.

Further discussion:

  • For further discussion see Myth No. 15 in volume 2 of Organisational Myths:
  • To ensure the best workforce and to enable social mobility, money must follow/drive 5 key shifts in vocational education:

    • academic to vocational content;

    • academic to vocational approach;

    • college to workplace;

    • classroom to coal face;

    • qualifications to #Skills Passport.

SKILLdoctors, upskilling the workforce

  prescribing the training employers want


Email: info at skilldoctors dot org dot uk

Telephone: On request

The training business wants:

Increasing SKILLS first

and qualifications (an important) second

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